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Mobile Usage Statistics
Nowadays people are very dependent on their mobile phones, and a huge number of them are accessing websites via their phones every single day.  According to Google mobile search is now bigger than desktop search.

If you're tracking visitors to your site (which you should be!) with Google Analytics or another analysis tool, you have probably noticed an increase in visitors that are using a mobile device.

These people are probably only staying on the site a few seconds and if you look at your website on your own phone, you'll quickly figure out probably looks terrible! Why? Because it's not optimized for mobile viewing.  Just because your website shows up on a mobile device doesn't mean it's optimised for mobile browsing. Far from it!

How Does a Mobile Website Differ From a Desktop Website?

A dedicated mobile website loads faster than a desktop website that is being shown on a smart phone or tablet, which is essential when you realise that even the newest iPhone features an internet browser that is about as fast as dial up! If you have a normal website that is loaded down with lots of images and other media, it is going to load super slow. Each second the user has to wait, the chance of losing that person increases.

Mobile sites are built to load fast and provide the visitor with the optimum experience - thumb friendly navigation, mobile friendly layout, easy contact options and much more.  Additionally, having a mobile website shows Google and the other search engines that you're trying to give people the best experience and that's also good for SEO.

You can even have a click to call button that will automatically dial your number with the tap of a thumb. How cool is that!

We can build a fabulous mobile website for your business in as little as 72 hours so you can take advantage of the mobile revolution.

How Will You Benefit From Having a Mobile Website?

Every business needs a mobile website, but it's especially valuable in tourist areas like the Sunshine Coast, when targeting out of town travelers, or if your target audience needs to find your service urgently e.g. tow truck company, emergency mechanic, locksmith etc. Think about it for a second, when people travel, or they're away from their computer and need something urgently, they're often relying on their phones because nowadays smart phones are like mini computers in people's pockets.

A website that has been optimised for mobile viewing would allow your business to offer two separate ways to show information if necessary. We can create a website which is completely responsive, so people viewing it on a desktop computer see the site at the optimal viewing size for them, but people visiting the website on a tablet or smart phone see the automatically resized website at the size of their particular device.

Alternatively, we can create a completely standalone mobile site, which visitors are redirected to automatically when they visit your existing website on a small device.

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